The IREM BUCK$ Program is one of the many ways IREM Maryland rewards its members for taking an active role with IREM.   Members earn ‘BUCK$’ (IREM Currency), starting from $500 up to $5,000 by attending meetings, volunteering, taking IREM classes, and earning a designation. 

BUCK$ earned are redeemed at the end of the year at our Annual Holiday Party to bid on our silent auction items.  In past years, prizes at the silent auction ranged from Coach Handbags to Raven Tickets.  For more information about IREM Bucks, please contact the Committee Chair Caitlin Shrum,

How to Earn Bucks! 


  • Attend a Meeting
  • Join a Committee
  • Recruit a New Member
  • Attend a Course or Seminar


  • Obtain an ARM® Certification
  • Obtain an ACoM Certification


  • Receive your CPM® Designation