A Message From RVP Toni Harris

Member Outreach,

RVP Message
January 2018
Toni R. Harris, CPM® ARM®

In 2017, IREM reached a milestone membership of 20,000 real estate management professionals who are dedicated to the advancement of the real estate industry. Through its members and their advocacy of professional development, IREM continued its reign as the top industry association to be affiliated with. Proudly, Region 3 remains a very strong region with slight growth at the end of 2017, contributing positively to that 20k milestone. Each of our members continue to demonstrate the true value of volunteerism in their workplaces, as well as their communities.

In 2018, we will collectively work on achieving the goals outlined by IREM Headquarters while accomplishing those outlined in each of our chapters respectively. IREM President, Ben McGrew, has cleverly identified this as the year to go “Boldly and Beyond”! Our region is prepared and ready to do just that!

A few of the key objectives for 2018 that have been identified by IREM HQ are:

  • The rollout of the rebrand, including marketing campaigns, chapter training, and new content.
  • Hosting of year two of the Regional Meetings and Global Summit: bigger, better, brighter. For our Region, this will take place in Boston, MA in June.
  • Begin 2018-2019 class of AMO “Next-Gen CPM®” and “30 Under 30” programs.
  • Partner with NAR® and NAR® affiliates to develop a program that promotes careers in commercial real estate.
  • Produce interactive “Communities of the World” tool with 25 other real estate-related associations, showcasing core skills behind real estate functions.
  • The launch of a new ACoM online course.
  • Reinforce IREM’s position as a leading voice in asset management with new content, research and publications.

A few key objectives identified for us as a Region are:

  • Identify, engage and ignite new leaders. This will be done by:
    • Aggressively promoting the 30 under 30 campaign.
    • Introducing and encouraging new leaders to attend 2018 Global Summit Meetings.
    • Promote leadership-based mentorship programs open to all members.
  • Identify and execute opportunities for collaboration between chapters with the priorities being membership growth, leadership development and overall execution of IREM’s strategic plan.
  • Expand our footprint as a “teaching” region by identifying and encouraging new instructor participation.
  • Continue to aggressively promote the IREM Diversity Scholarship program and support outreach efforts to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).
  • Promote participation in the Income/Expense Analysis Reports and REME Awards that will result in more nominees from Region 3.
  • Lastly, with the support of technology, create more efficient platforms for the transfer of information to chapter officers and members.

I’m excited about our Region’s ability to accomplish these goals and BEYOND. I look forward to the journey with each of you. Happy New Year!