Membership and Professional/Corporate Outreach Committee

IREM Chapter 16
Membership and Professional/Corporate Outreach Committee
Minutes from January 17, 2018

In attendance:      Teika Haymon, Michelle Thompson (by phone), Melissa Maynard, Michael Dennis (by phone), Danielle Baker, Jill McKinley,                             Theresa Leatherbury, and special guest appearance by President Amy Natoli

We reviewed the current membership:

  • 59 ARM
  • 49 Associate
  • 83 CPM plus 4 Emeritus
  • 62 CPM Candidate
  • 3 Student/Academic
  • 5 AMOs
  • 5 Friends (Bronze)

We did not discuss the goals for growth.  Teika and Theresa have a call scheduled for 1/30 to discuss goals and objectives for the committee this year.

Membership Growth

We also reviewed the marketing report for our chapter area.  There are 334 people who are either non-members or students who have an IREM connection, but are not members.  The connection could be they attended an event or took a class.  The committee will take that list and call each one.  It would help to have an email template and a script.  Basically, we should ask in what did they participate and why they chose not to join.  Ask them if they are interested in a credential and then explain the benefits of having an IREM credential.  We could also ask them to update their information for us.  Theresa will break up the list and send it out. 

Additional ideas to grow membership:

  • Have a committee member attend the ARM classes to encourage membership
  • Set up a booth at the MMHA trade show to get people to register as an IREM member
  • Ask Toni Harris to push involvement in IREM (we didn’t talk about how, exactly)

Professional and Corporate Outreach

We discussed how to expand our reach to other companies and universities.  Our approach will be:

  • Corporate: Get lists of companies and local contact from other associations and organizations:
    • National Multi-Housing Council: Michael
    • Baltimore CREW: Teika
    • BOMA: Rich or Amy
    • ULI: Theresa
    • Maryland Building Industries Assn: Theresa
    • Once we get the lists of companies in these organizations, we will target ones we feel are appropriate for IREM. One goal for Associate Membership may be other professionals (Architects; Engineers).  We need to confirm IREM Corporate is OK with this and it doesn’t conflict with our Industry partners
  • Professional/Academic
    • Identify schools with a Real Estate program or a real estate club
    • Ask to participate in Career Fairs or other events that include their real estate students and professors
    • Towson University: Theresa or Melissa
    • Morgan State:
    • Johns Hopkins
    • University of Baltimore: Teika and Toni Harris
    • Loyola (Nick Pavik attended the CPM candidates lunch. he is finishing his MBA at Loyola)
      • Nick also expressed an intertest in joining the committee to help out with IYP events.


Melissa Maynard is heading our IYP subcommittee.  The first event is an Orioles game on April 11.  We talked about having a mentor meeting as part of the IYP events and targeting students and non-members to come to the event (and hopefully, join IREM). 

Melissa followed up after the meeting with this idea:

“I used to manage Fairways at Towson and had a lot of students at my property. Every year there is a Towson Town Festival. I think it would be beneficial for us to consider getting a booth on one of the days the festival is being held. Please see link below for more information and let me know what you think:

There are a ton of students that attend this festival and we could tie in an IYP event with one of the band performances.”

Melissa will look into this in more detail to see what is involved and will report back.

**Next meeting will be by phone in 4-6 weeks (Feb 15-28).